Bookkeeping Professional Services

Chinese Owned U.S. Companies

Chinese Owned U.s. Companies

As a U.S. business owner residing in China, it is hard to understand our complicated tax structure in the United States. You need a trusted Bookkeeping/CPA firm to take care of your accounting, so that you are in compliance.

From start up to growing your businesses, we can guide you in every step. At Bookkeeping Professional Services, we help foreign owned U.S. company owners comply with tax laws and meet all tax filing and payment requirements. From income tax to sales tax, we can monitor your liabilities and file all necessary returns. We can act as your agent and representative for all IRS and state tax matters.

Our CPA owner is fluent in Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese). Our firm has helped individuals and corporations of various industries forming businesses in the United States.We provide strategic tax advice that will help business owners understand U.S. tax laws allowing you to maximize profits.

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